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I was working on myExperiment and SysMO projects during my Industrial Placement year with myGrid team.

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Field/Industry: Computer Science

Occupation/Role(s): Student / Intern / Software Developer


University of Manchester


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Workflow Example workflow for REST and XPath activi... (1)

Note that this workflow depends upon the REST and XPath plugins. This workflow fetches weather forecast for the user-specified location. First of all it uses the provided location name to obtain a WOEID ("Where On Earth ID") of that location, then uses that unique identifier to fetch the weather forecast from Yahoo server. Multiple results may be obtained in case there is no unique translation of the location to a WOEID. REST activity is used to perform HTTP requests and fetch d...

Created: 2010-09-13 | Last updated: 2010-09-13

Credits: User Sergejs Aleksejevs

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