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Carol Lushbough is an Assistant Professor of Computer Science at the University of South Dakota.  
Her primary teaching areas include Systems Analysis, Software Engineering, and Bioinformatics.  
In addition to her teaching responsibilities, she collaborates with Dr. Volker Brendel from
Iowa State University on the NSF funded project "Cyberinfrastructuer for (Comparative) Plant Genome
Research through PlangGDB". Her main contributes to the project is the development of the
BioExtract Server (  The BioExtract Server is a Web-based data integration
application designed to consolidate, analyze, and serve data from heterogeneous biomolecular
databases in the form of a mash-up. The basic operations of the BioExtract Server allow researchers,
via their Web browsers, to: specify data sources, flexibly query data sources, apply analytic tools,
download result sets, and store query results for later reuse.  As a researcher works with the system,
their “steps” are saved in the background. At any time these steps can be preserved long-term as a
workflow simply by providing a workflow name and description.

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University of South Dakota


Data Integration
Scientific Workflows

Field/Industry: Computer Science

Occupation/Role(s): Assistant Professor of Computer Science


University of South Dakota


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Pack BioExtract Server Workflow Tutorial

Created: 2009-08-07 16:04:23 | Last updated: 2009-08-07 16:23:53

A tutorial to demonstrate how to create a workflow within the BioExtract Server at Specifically, it shows how to perform a phylogenetic analysis on a set of proteins where the starting point is a query for specific nucleotide gene sequences.

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