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Field/Industry: Bionformatics & mitochondrial disease

Occupation/Role(s): PhD Student


Institute of Ageing & Health
Newcastle University


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Workflow ELM Database Retrieval Workflow (1)

This workflow retrieves all the current entries stored in the Eukaryotic Linear Motif (ELM) Database and returns all entries in a collated readable format. This requires the ELM Database retrieval WSDL file:

Created: 2011-07-20 | Last updated: 2011-07-20

Credits: User Kieren Lythgow

Workflow Biomart Protein Sequence Retrieval (1)

This workflow queries Biomart to retrieve the Ensembl gene id, protein id, gene name, description and amino acid sequence from the Ensembl Homo sapiens dataset. The user needs to specify a defined chromosomal region i.e. Chromo = 1, Start = 100000000, End = 250000000. This returns all unique entries in FASTA format.

Created: 2009-03-09

Credits: User Kieren Lythgow

Workflow Multiple Blastp (2)

This is a workflow to automate multiple BLASTp jobs on a large list of protein sequences in FASTA format.

Created: 2007-11-20 | Last updated: 2008-01-10

Credits: User Kieren Lythgow

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