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Type: Taverna 2 Tag: FASTA Licence: by-sa

Workflow Compare genome, extract proteins which are... (1)

  Takes GI number for source (non-pathogenic) and target (pathogneic) genomes, extracts list of all proteins from each genome using GenBank database. Outputs prtoeins in FastA format. Creates database from source proteins using formatdb (locally installed) and blasts (local installed) proteins from target against this database. Extracts protens which are unique (no blast hits) to the target (pathogenic) genome based on eValue set by user. Takes unique proteins from target and blasts aga...

Created: 2010-03-19 | Last updated: 2010-03-19

Credits: User Ian Laycock Network-member nclteamc

Attributions: Workflow fetchEnsemblSeqsAndBlast Workflow NCBI Gi to Kegg Pathways Workflow color_pathway_by_objects


Workflow Ex (1)

Ex of exercise

Created: 2009-11-16

Credits: User Mventosa

Attributions: Workflow EBI_InterProScan for Taverna 2


Workflow Example 3 (1)

Search in the Datenbank SWISS the Sequence 1220173

Created: 2009-10-20

Credits: User Ruben

Workflow Retrieve Genome Seqn using gi nos (1)

Retrieves the genome seqn for both the target and source strains using gi nos

Created: 2010-03-19

Credits: User Ian Laycock Network-member nclteamc

Workflow All-vs-All blastP commands (1)

Creates all the necessary command-line commands to execute all-vs-all blastP from the given FASTA files. Includes making the necessary database. Does not execute the commands.  For OSX and UNIX/Linux only (due to path separator).

Created: 2015-04-17

Credits: User Aurora Cain

Workflow Example dbfetch (2)

Run EBI's dbfetch

Created: 2014-09-03 | Last updated: 2014-09-03

Credits: User Stian Soiland-Reyes User Katy Wolstencroft


Workflow Visualize PAV provenance as SVG (1)

VoID descriptions are fetched as Turtle, cleaned up to be valid OWL ontology and include useful labels, processed through the OWL reasoner Pellet; this adds inferred PROV statements to the RDF, which is then fed to the PROV Toolbox, generating an SVG visualization of the provenance. Note that this workflow downloads CWM, Pellet and ProvToolbox on demand, and uses UNIX command line tools like wget and md5 which are unlikely to work in Windows. This workflow has been tested on Ubuntu 12.10 wit...

Created: 2014-05-08

Credits: User Katy Wolstencroft User Aleksandra Pawlik

Workflow P15409 (1)

worflow to demostrate how to use Taverna with service anel or catalogue

Created: 2014-01-22

Credits: User Lilly Hueber

Workflow simple fasta workflow (1)

workflow using services

Created: 2014-01-22

Credits: User Ruth Eberhardt User Aleksandra Pawlik

Workflow Simple FASTA workflow (1)

A simple Taverna workflo

Created: 2014-01-22

Credits: User Aleksandra Pawlik User Katy Wolstencroft User Alan Williams

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