Site Announcement: Group Announcements, Pack Downloads, Sent Messages and more



Group Announcements, Pack Downloads, Sent Messages and more

Created: Thursday 23 October 2008 00:44:54 (UTC)


We're very pleased to announce a number of new features in response to feedback from myExperiment users:

  • Group announcements - group admins can now make public or private announcements within their group. This is a great way to keep people notified of events.
  • Pack downloads - you can now download a snapshot of a pack to your desktop. This will include any workflows and files in the pack as well as a manifest describing the whole pack.
  • Sent messages - you can now see all the messages you have sent via the internal messaging system in myExperiment. You can access this by going to your inbox.
  • Better tracking of version uploads and editors - you can now easily see who uploaded versions of workflows as well as who last edited metadata.
  • Various UI improvements- e.g: better "invite to your groups" box on other user's profile pages (to easily invite them to your groups).
  • Search enhancements - e.g. search for a service used in a workflow.

 We hope you find these new features useful. Please do give us feedback!
The myExperiment Team

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