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Linked Data Support

Created: Sunday 28 March 2010 13:18:52 (UTC)


This is an update and “call for interest”

After experiments on our test servers, and consultation with some of the experts in the linked data and repositories communities, we have now sorted out what we’ll do to bring myExperiment into the world of Linked Data.
Note that what we’re referring to here is the site and making sure that it behaves correctly with respect to HTTP accept headers and response codes in order to be Linked Data compliant. This is in addition to the SPARQL endpoint for myExperiment which David Newman has been supporting for some time
The Linked Data world seems to be supplying the linked data and then seeing what people will do with it, rather than working from specific use cases.  Now we’ve sorted out supply we’ll soon be really interested in use cases!  If you are working in this area and would like to work with myExperiment and Linked Data we’d be really pleased to hear from you – mail the myexperiment-discuss list or contact me personally.
We’ll let you know when this service is going to go live – probably in the Easter period depending how testing goes.
-- Dave

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