File Entry: Advanced Technique for best use of CDroid OS for Mobile Cloud and Sharing

Created: 2016-11-24 17:00:10
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CDroid  is  the  next  generation  technology  which  will  be  used with  clouds  to  get  benefits  from  it.  The  twenty  first  century made  us  smart  enough,  it  is  now mandatory  to  save  power consumption  as  much  as  for  the  sake  of  financial, environmental  stability.  It  is  equally  important  for  national security and mankind. Today a huge number of populations in the  world  is  worried  about  Smartphone  batteries.  They  are huge consumer of energy when using several apps. Our system 
is to develop Cloud Computing with CDroid Operation System that is based on Fujitsu Server for Mobile Technology, which is  completely  used  for  saving  energy,  enhancing  battery  life and saving processor cycles  more than  ever  of  mobile phone, sharing  data  and  faster  access.  The  system  shares  both  the memory  of  server  and  phone  as  well  by  using offloading mechanism. The mobile cloud computing concept helps several things to conserve power. The newest Fujitsu server provides world’s  fastest  processing.  We  had  described  thoroughly  the architecture of newly proposed system. This will be one more step towards the quickest changing cell phone technology. The hybrid  cloud  computing  mobile  technology  for  the  next generation will be ready for our world within few years.

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