File Entry: Artificial neural network for modeling nitrate pollution of groundwater in marginal area of Zayandeh-rood River, Isfahan, Iran

Created: 2017-02-05 12:18:50
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Excessive use of chemical fertilizers, especially nitrogen fertilizers to increase crop and improper purification, and delivery of municipal and industrial wastewater are proposed as factors that increase the amount of nitrate in groundwater in this area. Thus, investigation of nitrate contamination as one of the most important environmental problems in groundwater is necessary. In the present study, modeling and estimation of nitrate pollution in groundwater of marginal area of Zayandeh-rood River, Isfahan, Iran, was investigated using water quality and artificial neural networks. 100 wells (77 agriculture well, 13 drinking well and 10 gardens
well) in the marginal area of Zayandeh-rood River, Isfahan, Iran were selected. MATLAB software and three-layer Perceptron network were used. The back-propagation learning rule and sigmoid activation function were applied for the training process. After frequent experiments, a network with one hidden layer and 19 neurons make the least error in the process of network training, testing and validation. ANN models can be applied for the investigation of water quality parameters.

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