File Entry: Induction, Space and Positive Ethics

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<font>One may purport that ones' awareness of space for scientific purposes comes about from a potential awareness of its' absence that is derived from times when ones attention is not focused on it. Yet simply one might extract the notion that space and entailed properties of it are elemental —i.e. conceptually non reducible and that from which all emanates. The words non-ethical induction, entailing the existence of ethical induction, if compared in a corresponding manner (to indivisible space and the attentive awareness of it), also entail that the ethics of induction in science are dependant on attentive focus. In the following description, I will attempt to draw some logical conclusions employing this analogy regard­less of its potential validity or invalidity and then relate these conclusions to actual circumstances in order to lend them substance.<o:p></o:p></font>

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