File Entry: A Plane Economy of Space Surfaces From the Mathematics of Einstein and Euclid-Revised

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A perspective on nature is introduced based on a visit to the Plane Geometry of Euclid and reinterpretation of the theory of relativity. Nature is redifined  as a special case of proximity that is different from normally the construed physical proximity presented to perception. The world is considered as a special case in which the Laws of Motion of Newton and Special Relativity of Einstein are hopefuly united into a single frame. The science of genetics is revisited and new theory constructed in which the world and established concepts of genetics in the life sciences are unified as a unique holism that communicates, motion, form and emergence at all perspectives.

This  manuscript is intended  to illustrate the existence of a natural ethic as a universal and special case in which the notion  of proximity differs from the reflexively perceived physical notion that is both commonly and scientifically employed.  In this case actual proximity in nature is proposed to diverge from the physical lines construed to connect points to be a function of  relations of the lines of perception as the components of a  universal volume that is energetic and active, yielding a conceptual active "line of sight" to a single unique surface composed  of all lines of sight, in contrast to a common notion of seeing based on connected points.  Notions in this conceptualization are  emerged as a function of past, transparent to witness, processes, in synergy with the more apparent, temporally and physically  proximal , and possess a logic that is based upon the same mathematical means of operations  that are commonly known reflexively.  This scheme, the nature of the natural ethic postulated precludes genetic manipulation as unethical in that it violates naturally inherent inherited  proximities, synergies of past and present  as, in name, nature itself as genetic and emerging.

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