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An introductory  background and stated approach with initial assumptions employed towards the creation of my manuscripts and ideas.  My notions reflect a naturalism,  with a slant oriented from the realism of perception, away from abstracted theory that is given its' only validity from empirical test rather than direct first person witness. I began this project as a graduate student in the biological sciences with a statement from a professor of classical genetics in the course of a private conversation that "DNA was unique in the physical world.  The professors' comment entailed a great deal of paradox stemming from learning of established natural law as it was supposed to render explanation. . I have decided that the universe itself is a unique special case itself, and that all observation is the consequence of a single familiar and unique functional logic that is responsible for, entails , the conceptual representation of nature, ideas of emergence evolution, cause and effect,  if not providing a means of elaborating "the concept' itself, a concept itself, as an emergence, that follows the same trails of inheritance by proximity, that is responsible for the familiar logic of cause and effect of physical phenomenon. 

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