File Entry: An Image Registration Technique To Enhance PCB Inspection Algorithm with Real Images (Appear In Press)

Created: 2012-05-11 01:56:19
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Version created on: 2012-05-11 01:56:19

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 is well k*atm that renl PCB inuge inipieetio* bwal 0n rclerential ap:

proaches foces misalignment problems in detecting delects betwecn a template imoge arul
a ilefectiae image. Hence, o reliable image registrtion techniqre is needed to aligt, these
two irnages per{utly. Henre, a rqistrution trch*irye uhich inaryorvtes affme trcnsformotion
anil bi-cubic interynlation has been prcposed. Etperimental rcsults haae shown
that this regishation techniqte is suitoble to be employei to obtoin well-aligtd defective
lpoges beforv iletection algorithm t&,es ploen. in PCp itupection

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