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 iPhone development, in the environment of the smart phone, is programmed in Objective C.

Understanding the trends in this area requires data and processes. 

It has been said that the first twenty year of personal computers has delivered 1 billion PC's. The next 43 years of smart phones development will see 9 billion units being used by H.s.s. and will eclipse the PC revolution.

How will this play out?

How will this be measured?

What are the impacts and changes on society that will flow from this innovation?

How will allele flows to the next generation be influence by this technology (i.e. on line dating)

Regards R. Young



Created at: Saturday 18 July 2009 01:46:32 (UTC)



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    Roderickyoung commented:
     I use an apple ipod touch. Programme on a Mini Mac.
    Saturday 18 July 2009 15:07:09 (UTC)
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    Roderickyoung created the iPhone : Objective C group
    Saturday 18 July 2009 01:46:32 (UTC)

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