Pack: Why Linked Data is Not Enough for Scientists

Created: 2010-10-08 14:52:36      Last updated: 2010-12-09 22:20:39
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Title: Why Linked Data is Not Enough for Scientists

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Abstract—Scientific data stands to represent a significant portion of the linked open data cloud and science itself stands to benefit from the data fusion capability that this will afford. However, simply publishing linked data into the cloud does not necessarily meet the requirements of reuse. Publishing has requirements of provenance, quality, credit, attribution, methods in order to provide the reproducibility that allows validation of results. In this paper we make the case for a scientific data publication model on top of linked data and introduce the notion of Research Objects as first class citizens for sharing and publishing.

by Sean Bechhofer, John Ainsworth, Jiten Bhagat, Iain Buchan, Phillip Couch, Don Cruickshank, David De Roure, Mark Delderfield, Ian Dunlop, Matthew Gamble, Carole Goble, Danius Michaelides, Paolo Missier, Stuart Owen, David Newman, Shoaib Sufi


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