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Workflow Operator testing workflow (1)

This workflow is used for operator testing. It joins dataset metafeatures with execution times and performanse measures of the selected recommendation operator. In the Extract train and Extract test Execute Process operator user should open Metafeature extraction workflow. In the Loop Operator train/test data are used to evaluate performanse of the selected operator. Result is remebered and joined with the time and metafeature informations. This workflow can be used both for Item Recommend...

Created: 2012-01-29

Credits: User Matej Mihelčić User Matko Bošnjak

Workflow Model testing workflow (RP) (1)

This workflow measures performance of three models. Model learned on train data and upgraded using online model updates. Model learned on train data + all query update sets. Model learned on train data only.

Created: 2012-01-29 | Last updated: 2012-01-30

Credits: User Matej Mihelčić

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