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Workflow Text-mining using OSCAR to obtain a list o... (1)

This service extracts chemical names from text and obtains identifiers for these names. It outputs a HTML string that can be opened in a browser providing a table of information and links to ChemSpider.Known issues - Character limit ~3000 - Unable to produce InChIs or CSID for some names - Error sometimes encountered when a trivial and systematic name for the same compound are used - Some issues with identifiers being recognised but not able to be processedrequires access ...

Created: 2013-04-18

Credits: User Michael Smith User Mark Borkum

Attributions: Workflow InChIToCSID


Workflow Chemical term extractor - text2structure (1)

This workflow demonstrates how to extract biological and chemical terms (text!) from a PDF file using the KNIME text processing nodes and attempts to convert the chemistry terms to structures.Requirements:KNIME 2.7.4KNIME Labs nodes - Text ProcessingCommunity Nodes - RDKit (to view structures)See http://tech.knime.org/communityStart by selecting the folder containing the PDF documents. Alternatively, you can use a folder with Word docs.

Created: 2013-04-22 | Last updated: 2013-04-22

Credits: User sauberns

Attributions: Workflow Chemical structure extractor - img2structure

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