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Workflow ProteinSynonymsToQuery (2)

This workflow uses Martijn Schuemie's protein synonym service to produce synonyms and a new query string from the input query term. The service is limited to proteins, enzymes and genes. An input query that is a boolean string will be split and processed, but the boolean logic of the input query will be lost. Workflow URL: http://rdf.adaptivedisclosure.org/~marco/BioAID/Public/Workflows/BioAID/ProteinSynonymsToQuery.xml

Created: 2007-10-03 | Last updated: 2007-11-13

Credits: User Marco Roos User Martijn Schuemie Network-member AID

Workflow BioAID_Discover_proteins_from_text_plus_sy... (1)

This workflow discovers proteins from plain text and adds synonyms using Martijn Schuemie's proteins synonym service. Proteins are discovered with the AIDA 'Named Entity Recognize' web service by Sophia Katrenko (service based on LingPipe), from which output it filters out proteins. The Named Recognizer services uses the pre-learned genomics model, named 'MedLine', to find genomics concepts in plain text.

Created: 2007-11-15

Credits: User Marco Roos User Martijn Schuemie Network-member AID

Workflow ChEBI-get_synonyms (2)

This workflow takes a list of entity names separated by a newline and queries the ChEBI database for synonyms. Thanks to Paul Fisher for resolving the problems with the XML Splitter by using an XPath statement to retrieve synonyms.

Created: 2007-11-19 | Last updated: 2007-11-19

Credits: User Sirisha Gollapudi

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