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Workflow AffyArrayNormalization (2)

The AffyArrayNormalization web services normalise raw Affymetrix GeneChip data. They are wrappers around Philip de Groot's normalization R script to provide remote programmatic access. This example workflow demonstrates the use of the AffyArrayNormalization services. The flow is as follows: A client executes the AffyArrayNormalization_submit service with two inputs: a User object and a collection of URLs linking to CEL files. The User object contains a user ID, a password and an ...

Created: 2009-02-16 | Last updated: 2009-02-16

Credits: User Pieter Neerincx User Philipg

Workflow Change Class Distribution of Your Training... (1)

This example process shows how to change the class distribution of your training data set (in this case the training data is what ever comes out of the "myData reader"). The given training set has a distribution of 10 "Iris-setosa" examples, 40 "Iris-versicolor" examples and 50 "Iris-virginica" examples. The aim is to get a data set which has the class distribution for the label, lets say 10 "Iris-setosa", 20 "Iris-versicolor" and 20 "Iris-virginica. Beware that this may change some propert...

Created: 2011-01-21 | Last updated: 2011-01-21

Workflow Gene expression interpretation by the Glob... (1)

This workflow adds meaning to gene expresion values by performing a standard and a literature weighted Global Test. Gene expression is expected to be from Affymetrix microarrays, for which an RMA normalization and entrez Gene ID mapping/summation is performed. Original workflow is by Dennis Leenheer, edits by Marco Roos. Scripts by Kristina Hettne, acknowledging Rob Jellier, Jelle Goeman, and Peter-Bram 't Hoen. The workflow was created for the LUMC BioSemantics group, part of the Human Gen...

Created: 2011-04-26 | Last updated: 2011-04-26

Credits: User Marco Roos

Workflow [untitled] (1)

This workflow allows the user to search for processes that are involved with a certain gene. Using microarray-files (CEL-files), consisting of wild type and KO mice to which a stimulant is induced, the user can get an idea of the processes involved. (This is done using the global test and the literature weighted global test.) The results are then given as a text-file. Warning: workflow is not working (needs some revisions), all input is currently hardcoded! (You will have to change the file...

Created: 2011-04-26 | Last updated: 2011-04-26

Credits: User Dennis Leenheer

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