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About Me:

Research assistant at the Venezuelan Institue for Scientific Research.



  • Platforms: Linux (SuSE, RedHat, Ubuntu, Debian, Fedora Core), Macintosh OS X (10.3-10.6), Microsoft Windows, UNIX, Solaris, PalmOS.
  • Programming languages: Pascal, C/C++, Java.
  • Networking: Knowledge on FTP/SFTP, SSH, ATM, FR, TCP/IP, 802.11x, WiMAX.
  • IT security: PKI, IdM, certificates and digital signature.
  • Software engineering: UML 2.1, Xtreme Programming, XPOOHDM, RUP, EDPTI, GDDPTI, Enterprise Architect, Visual Paradigm.
  • Web development: HTML, XML, PHP4.X/PHP5.X, MySQL, PostgreSQL, JavaScript (AJAX), JSP, Symfony Framework, Adobe CS4, Joomla content manager.
  • Remote education software: Moodle
  • Social networking: Elgg
  • Remote collaboration platforms: Wiki, Trac, Subversion (SVN).
  • High performance computing (HPC): Parallel programming, MPI, XGrid (MacOS), GLite, LCG, Rocks, Scientific Linux, SGE, AccessGrid, Portlets (JSR 168 specification).

Technical publications and reviews:

Other contact details:

Skype: juan294

Twitter: @juang294


- Software development
- IT consulting
- Writing technical reviews
- Apple products, music, and photography.

Field/Industry: Computational Physics / Research

Occupation/Role(s): Research Assitant


Venezuelan Institute for Scientific Research


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