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I am a Postdoc and teamleader of the bioinformatics group at the Molecular Genome Analysis division at the German Cancer Research Center in Heidelberg, Germany. Currently I am working on the analysis of Next-Generation Sequencing data, statistical analysis of Microspot Immunoassays and data integration.

Before I joined the DKFZ I was a PHD student in the group of Heiko Schoof at the Max-Planck institute for plant breeding research in Cologne (Germany) where I wrote my PHD thesis about the automatic function prediction.

I am very interested in new collaborations.

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Im Neuenheimer Feld 580
69120 Heidelberg


Automatic function prediction, data integration with Web Services, Next-Generation Sequencing data analysis, Statistical analysis of protein array data

Field/Industry: Cancer research

Occupation/Role(s): Postdoc and Teamleader


German Cancer Research Center


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Workflow SifterWorkflow_Prod_Neu (2)

Phylogenomic workflow with SIFTER. The workflow first runs an iterative Blast search against the RefSeq database (Pruitt et al. 2007) (only fully sequenced organisms) and filters the results to get putative orthologous and in-paralogous proteins. These sequences are used to build a multiple alignment with MAFFT (Katoh et al. 2005). After filtering out alignment columns with more than 60% gaps, a phylogenetic tree is build. If there are less than 20 proteins in the alignment Phyml (Guindon an...

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