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LisaCoffey is a HealthCare Consultant and a professional women's fitness coach. she seeks to connect with and inspire other women in the fog of the early years of Motherhood. In her down time, Lisa enjoys walks on the beach, brushing tangles out of Barbie's hair and the occasional glass of cheap white wine.She has been blogging for long, authored numerous articles on healthy foods recipes, body weight transformation, sports nutrition, workouts and Maternity & Kids nutrition, which have been featured in numerous magazines sites such as, Men'sHealth, FitnessMagazine,Oxygen & DietKart and also some government health websites.iam married to Dr,Jones ,a government open data consultant

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  Today's busy lifestyles demand fresh approaches to learning. Health eLearning offers continuing education modules that take just half an hour of your time. As well, our interactive approach will make Health eLearning your first choice for professional education.The best education is what you can put into practice. Health eLearning provides tools to share with patients, including handouts and medical screening devices. Pharmacies will find everything needed for in-store clinics...

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