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Workflow GT: Database - Master SNP Call Table (1)

Either load new Master SNP call data into the database (from an Excel file) or export the master SNP data from the database into an Excel file. NOTE: Running this workflow will take a couple of minutes. If loading excel data into database, make sure the file is located in the correct directory: /gne/research/data/lab-shares/gCell/_gCell/Baseline_Profiling_Cells/Genotyping/

Created: 2011-09-10

Credits: User Chengc


Workflow GT: Genotyping Comparison Analysis and Clu... (7)

Creates a genotyping comparison analysis Excel file and heatmap image given final report and gender call input files. User provides either plate numbers, CLID/BIOIDs, cNames, etc. and can choose to either load the data into the database or not. Note that if user chooses to load data into database, script may take longer (few minutes) to run. Before running, make sure the final report and gender call text files are correctly named and that they are in the correct directory under: /gne/researc...

Created: 2011-09-01 | Last updated: 2011-09-10

Credits: User Chengc


Workflow GT: Sample Sheet Generation (7)

Creates a sample sheet from a SAMid exported file. User provides a plate number. Before running, make sure the SAMid exported file is in the correct directory under: /gne/research/data/lab-shares/gCell/_gCell/Baseline_Profiling_Cells/Genotyping/Plate_# Results will be stored under this directory: /gne/research/data/bioinfo/gcell/genotype/prd/Plate_#

Created: 2011-08-31 | Last updated: 2011-09-08

Credits: User Chengc

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