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Workflow SimpleTest (1)

This is a simple test workflow. It has only one node that takes an input (a string) and return a string of the form processed(input).

Created: 2014-01-28 | Last updated: 2014-01-28

Credits: User Gab

3463?size=60x60 Gab

Workflow When do the Fastest type II CME should be ... (1)

The fastest CME is found from an interval of time, and propagated to Earth, in two steps, first to obtain the Solar wind speed at Earth and then propagated again with a more reasonable CME speed. The output produces Min-Max ETAs for each object in the heliosphere and the plots of the final propagation model. This Workflow was produced as one of the challenges in the HELIO CDAW-IV hosted at TCD

Created: 2013-03-21

Credits: User Gab User Anja Le Blanc User David PS

Attributions: Workflow When did the fastest type II CME happened?

3463?size=60x60 Gab

Workflow ACE Average Speed (1)

No description

Created: 2012-09-06

Credits: User Gab

3463?size=60x60 Gab

Workflow LASCO_CME_QUERY (1)

This workflows queries the LASCO CME list and returns a VOTable with the following fields pa, pa_width, v_final and v_diff which is abs(v_init-v_final)/2

Created: 2012-09-05

Credits: User Gab User Eoincar User Anja Le Blanc

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