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Workflow GlobPlotExample (1)

This is a sample for how to get the new GlobPlot native disorder and globularity prediction webservice working. At the moment it seems you need all the parameters - even the optional ones filled in, to work in taverna.

Created: 2008-04-30 | Last updated: 2008-04-30

Credits: User Niall Haslam

Workflow pELM_getInstance_Return_Seq (2)

Simple workflow to retrieve the sequence of a phospho.ELM entry given the Instance identifier. Input requires xml as the namespace is not correctly handled by the xml splitter. Example input: I000299 Further outputs can easily be added, most are text with some xml. See list in InstanceXML.

Created: 2007-10-03 | Last updated: 2008-05-02

Credits: User Niall Haslam

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