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I work on the Taverna Team at Manchester, being responsible for Taverna Server and liaising with the SCAPE project.

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Software Engineering, High-Performance Web Services, Programming Languages

Field/Industry: Higher Education

Occupation/Role(s): Software Engineer


University of Manchester


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Workflow myExperiment Group Activity Report (1)

Prepares a report (three CSV files) on the activity of a group on myExperiment.

Created: 2014-08-26

Credits: User Donal Fellows

Workflow Preservation Action Plan sampler (2)

This is an example of the structure of a SCAPE Preservation Action Plan.

Created: 2014-03-05 | Last updated: 2014-03-05

Workflow MeasuresDocCombiner (2)

Added namespace

Created: 2013-10-28 | Last updated: 2014-07-23

Workflow MeasuresDocBuilder (4)

Added namespace

Created: 2013-10-28 | Last updated: 2014-07-23

Workflow SCAPE Workshop demo workflow (2)

This is an updated version of the SCAPE workshow demonstrator workflow, based on the workflow defined by Sven Schlarb at

Created: 2013-09-16 | Last updated: 2013-09-19

Credits: User Donal Fellows User Sven Network-member SCAPE

Workflow Example Workflow (1)

This is an example workflow

Created: 2013-09-13

Workflow SCAPE Assess Metrics (1)

Assesses whether a set of metrics satisfy some provided Quality Level Definition (QLD). The QLD is given as a Schematron schema, and is evaluated by the Java tool library Jing. Jing ( is assumed to be installed in the current directory.

Created: 2013-08-22 | Last updated: 2013-08-22

Workflow Extract Image Dimensions with SIPS (2)

Extract the dimensions of an image with SIPS (OSX only)

Created: 2013-05-28 | Last updated: 2013-05-28

Workflow Extract PNG dimensions (2)

First version of a simple PNG characterizer

Created: 2013-05-28 | Last updated: 2013-05-28

Workflow Convert TIFF to PNG (3)

Convert a TIFF to a PNG. Note that the semantic description is currently wrong due to a bug in the component plugin.

Created: 2013-05-28 | Last updated: 2013-05-28

Workflow Extract TIFF dimensions (1)

Component that extracts the dimensions of a TIFF image.

Created: 2013-04-08

Workflow Extract JPEG-2000 dimensions (6)

First sample version of a characterisation component. This extracts the dimensions of a jp2k file.

Created: 2013-04-04 | Last updated: 2013-04-08

Workflow TIFF 2 JPEG-2000 (6)

Demonstration of SCAPE migration and characterisation components in a workflow.

Created: 2013-04-04 | Last updated: 2013-04-17

Workflow Convert TIFF to JPEG-2000 (5)

A TIFF->JP2 converter.

Created: 2013-04-04 | Last updated: 2013-04-08

Workflow jpylyzer: Extract width and height (1)

No description

Created: 2013-04-04

Workflow ImageMagick: Convert JPG to TIFF (3)

Converts a JPG image to a TIFF image

Created: 2013-04-04 | Last updated: 2013-04-04

Workflow Sample IMPACT hackathon workflow (1)

Workflow that implements the Use Case for Group 2 at the IMPACT/Taverna hackathon. What it does is to take the URL of a TIFF image and compute the Levenshtein difference between the OCR output of the uncompressed version with various ones compressed at various bit rates.

Created: 2011-11-14 | Last updated: 2012-06-19

Credits: User Donal Fellows

Workflow Associate hessi flares with active regions (3)

This workflow is querying the HFC ActiveRegions list and HEC hessi_flare list. It requires a time periode and a search radius arround the centre of an Active Region as inputs It produces two outputs: AnnotatedFeatureTable is a modified VOTable where a field is added with the number of associated hessi flares. CombinedTable is a 2 dimensional list with an VOTable for each Active region and one with an VOTable for all associated flares for that Active Region.

Created: 2011-06-22 | Last updated: 2012-07-10

Credits: User Donal Fellows

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