Merge list of errors to string

Created: 2011-09-13 14:04:50      Last updated: 2011-09-13 14:16:05

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This example shows how to 


<meta />Summary:

1) Make a temporary file
2) Receive the list item by item - write line to file
3) Any failed items will simply fail writing (so errors are stripped)
4) Read/use file in next step of workflow

Now you won't be able to insert placeholders with this solution, but
it should work.

This a modified version. This uses the file-encoding "utf-8"
and so should work well also with international characters. It also
returns the value as a File reference, which mean that this merge
should consume less memory than Merge_string_list_to_a_String.

Note that I was not able to use this as a nested workflow shim, as the
processor for the nested workflow has the "error bounce" layer,
preventing executions of the nested workflow when there are errors in
the incoming list. Manually editing the .t2flow to disable this error
handling for the nested workflow unfortunately brought out an error in
provenance capture that meant that the nested workflow would "never

Note that Taverna does not make any guarantees as to the execution
order when iterating over a list. It depends on the pipelining from
the upstream source if these will occur out of order or not. In this
example, the Write_text_file_append was however called in order.

So if anyone else wants to use this clever workaround, use "Merge
workflow" and manually delete the local workers before connecting to
the real service.



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