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I have a PhD in Biochemistry (cuny 1986) and never worked. My thesis project involved the assay for deoxyuridine in biological samples as a potential source of mutation and aging.  I am currently a graduate student in Anthropology at The California State University Los Angeles in Anthropology and am continuing a personal project that began in graduate school in biochemistry,continued as a personal and  independant project My thesis project involved concerning a professors remark that DNA was unique in nature - to reconcile this notion with modern concepts in science, in particular evolution,emergence  and the conservation of energy laws, thermodynamic considerations  in the physical sciences.   

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rcognitive and scientific representations of nature, theories of nature,, biochemical genetics, molecular biology, theroies in physics

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Blob The Spaces in the Looking Glass: Stllling the frame/...

Created: 2016-11-22 20:04:39

Credits: User M. Kirsh

License: Creative Commons Attribution-No Derivative Works 3.0 Unported License

ABSTRACTThe purpose of this writing is to propose a frame of view, a form as the eternal world element, that is compatible with paradox within the history of ideas, modern discovery as they confront one another. Under special consideration are problems of representation of phenomena, life, the cosmos as the rational facility of mind confronts the physical/perceptual, and itself. Current topics in pursuit are near as diverse and numbered as are the possibilities for a world composed strictly o...

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