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Location: Manchester, United Kingdom

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Workflows, web services, data handling

Field/Industry: Computer science

Occupation/Role(s): Technical manager


University of Manchester


Groups that Alan Williams owns

Network-member myGrid

Unique name: myGrid
Created: Friday 30 November 2007 12:19:26 (UTC)

People working or contributing to the myGrid project, including the Taverna developers. You do not need to join this group to see the shared items. If you are interested in contributing to myGrid or Taverna development or have questions about Taverna, then please email

376 shared items   |   0 announcements


Network-member Taverna 1.7.1 workflow workbench examples

Unique name: tavernaExamples
Created: Wednesday 05 March 2008 13:45:09 (UTC)

The workflows visible from this group correspond to the examples from the Taverna 1.7.1 workflow workbench

17 shared items   |   0 announcements


Network-member Taverna 2.1 beta 2 Workbench examples

Unique name: taverna-2-1-beta-2-workbench-examples
Created: Thursday 18 June 2009 15:47:56 (UTC)

A group whose workflows are examples for Taverna 2.1 beta 2

0 shared items   |   0 announcements

Members (1):


Project Biovel

Network-member BioVeL

Unique name: biovel
Created: Saturday 06 August 2011 15:38:58 (UTC)

This group is for sharing workflows relating to BioVeL - Biodiversity Virtual e-Laboratory - FP7-283359 BioVeL The BioVeL group is curated. If you previously had membership or if you wish to share content with the group, please contact  .Please feel free to explore. You can find documentation on the BioVeL wiki. If you need assistanc...

75 shared items   |   1 announcements


Latest announcement:: This is not the workshop group!

Network-member Examples for Mitre

Created: Tuesday 31 January 2012 20:46:23 (UTC)

Example workflows that may be useful for

2 shared items   |   0 announcements

Members (2):

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Project Biovel

Network-member BioVeL internal

Unique name: biovel-internal
Created: Tuesday 15 May 2012 09:54:59 (UTC)

A group for the sharing of workflows and files that are being developed by the BioVeL project. Workflows that are suitable for release should be shared with the BioVeL group.

299 shared items   |   0 announcements


Network-member Alan's test group

Created: Thursday 09 May 2013 21:31:09 (UTC)

No description

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Members (1):

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Network-member Bonn Workshop Sep 2014

Unique name: Bonn2014
Created: Wednesday 27 August 2014 13:24:58 (UTC)

This group is for the attendees of the lab course "In silico experimentation using e-labs" at BonnUniversity, September 2014

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Network-member VLIZ Workshop Oct 2014

Unique name: VLIZOct2014
Created: Wednesday 01 October 2014 10:42:59 (UTC)

October 6th1300 -> 1400 Arrival and lunch1400 -> 1430 Introductions, round table, learning objectives1430 -> 1530 Presentation: Introduction to Workflows with Taverna, myExperiment and BiodiversityCatalogueRegister with myExperiment, join the group and download the ppts used for the rest of the day (below) Introduction to myGrid1530 -> 1600 Coffee1600 -> 1615 Setup check - T...

27 shared items   |   0 announcements


Other Groups that Alan Williams belongs to

Network-member BioVel Training 5-6 Dec 2013 Manchester

Unique name: biovel-5-12-2013
Created: Thursday 21 November 2013 16:02:27 (UTC)

This is a group for all participants of the BioVel training workshop in Manchester, 5-6 December 2013. You should have Taverna Workbench installed on your machines. There is also a discipline-specific Taverna Workbench version which can be downloaded from here. Timetable:Thursday, 5th December 10.00 - 10.30 Arrival, Setup and Coffee10.30 - 11.00 Introductions: round tab...

24 shared items   |   0 announcements



Network-member SCAPE

Created: Monday 16 May 2011 16:27:01 (UTC)

SCAPE (Scalable Preservation Environments) is an EU-funded FP7 project aimed at building a scalable platform for planning and execution of computation intensive processes for ingestion or migration of large data sets in order to help automate digital preservation. These processes will be realized as Taverna workflows, shared as part of this group.

84 shared items   |   0 announcements


Network-member BioVel Workshop

Created: Tuesday 15 November 2011 12:32:34 (UTC)

This group contains the workflows and files required for the practical sessions in the BioVel workshop in Manchester

58 shared items   |   0 announcements

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Network-member IMPACT-myGrid-Hackathon

Created: Friday 04 November 2011 13:29:38 (UTC)

Group for sharing workflows & resources for the IMPACT-myGrid-hackathon:

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Network-member Computational Grid

Unique name: grid
Created: Thursday 21 August 2008 12:35:45 (UTC)

Taverna was recently adopted by several computational grid initiatives and processors have been prepared to access these resources. This group intends to help in avoiding redundant developments with regards to grid interfaces and shall help with a compatibility of the workflows being generated.

6 shared items   |   0 announcements

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Network-member IMPACT Centre of Competence

Unique name: IMPACT
Created: Tuesday 19 January 2010 13:14:21 (UTC)

The IMPACT Centre of Competence for Text Digitisation makes digitisation of historical printed text in Europe better, faster and cheaper by sharing expertise and providing access to tools for all parts of the digitisation workflow. IMPACT also provides tools, services and facilities for further advancement of the State of the Art in this field. 

46 shared items   |   9 announcements

Members (58):



Network-member NeISS

Unique name: NeISS
Created: Wednesday 21 April 2010 17:36:02 (UTC)

NeISS group is intended for the NeISS project participants and users to share their workflows and data.

6 shared items   |   0 announcements

This Group has not been tagged yet!

Network-member e-LICO

Unique name: elico
Created: Monday 16 November 2009 08:24:00 (UTC)

e-LICO -- An e-Laboratory for Interdisciplinary Collaborative Research in Data Mining and Data-Intensive Science The goal of the e-LICO project is to build a virtual laboratory for interdisciplinary collaborative research in data mining and data-intensive sciences. The proposed e-lab will comprise three layers: the e-science and data mining layers will form a generic research environment that ...

51 shared items   |   0 announcements


Network-member Tutorial

Created: Friday 25 January 2008 10:31:11 (UTC)

No description

15 shared items   |   0 announcements


Network-member myExperiment

Unique name: myexperiment
Created: Monday 23 July 2007 17:02:58 (UTC)

This is the official group for the myExperiment team.

6 shared items   |   0 announcements


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