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User: Giovanni Dall'Olio

Workflow Basic eSearch/eFetch cycle (1)

This is a basic eSearch/eFetch workflow created with taverna and using eUtils from NCBI. It accepts a query term as input (at the moment, for testing purposes, this is a fixed string), interrogate eSearch to retrieve the list of related sequences on the Nucleotide database, and use eFetch to retrieve the corresponding sequences. I wrote this workflow one year ago, when I was trying to understand how taverna and eUtils work; I suspect it broken, and of course it could be enhanced, so I am ...

Created: 2008-12-04 | Last updated: 2008-12-04

Credits: User Giovanni Dall'Olio

Workflow Sample makefile workflow (1)

A sample makefile workflow. Type 'make help' to print an help message. Nothing else is supported in this version. Interesting links about makefiles in bioinformatics:

Created: 2008-10-30 | Last updated: 2008-10-30

Credits: User Giovanni Dall'Olio

Blob myExperiment experimental plugin for ubiquity

Created: 2008-10-25 17:34:40 | Last updated: 2008-10-25 18:36:05

Credits: User Giovanni Dall'Olio

License: Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 Unported License

NOTE: sorry, there is an error in the plugin :(. Open the js file and substitute 'splicing' with {QUERY}.  Ubiquity is a firefox experimental extension from mozilla labs, with the goal of giving you a new and quicker experience of the web. You can find a better description here: - And I recommend you this video: - ubiquity video Here it is an experimental search plugin for myExperiment. Have a look at it, and tell me if you have ideas to i...

File type: JavaScript

Comments: 0 | Viewed: 52 times | Downloaded: 44 times


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