File Entry: Automation of DNA Computing Readout Method Based on Real-Time PCR Implemented on DNA Engine Opticon 2 System

Created: 2012-05-11 02:05:16
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Version created on: 2012-05-11 02:05:16

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 Preaiausly, an eutornatian of a DNA mmputing rcodad methd far the

HamiJtoni,an Path Prcblen (EPP) hos been implementd bosed on, LightCgcler Sgstem.
In this stud,y, a simiJar reoilmrt approach is implemented baseil on DNA Engine Opticon
2 System. The rcadott appmaeh consists of tuo steps: rcnl-time arnplification in
vitro us'i,ng TaqMowbaseil rcal-time PCR, followed by on in sili,co phase. The in silico
phase consists of a d,ata clwtering algorithm and an information processing to ertract
the Homiltonian path after the TaqMan "YES" and "NO" rmct'i,ons haue been identi,f,etl.
The resutt indicates that the ou,tomation of DNA mnputing rcadout method con be efficiently
implementeil on DNA Engi'ne Optieon 2 System.

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