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Workflow Detect compressed TIFF files and remove th... (3)

The workflow takes a list of TIFF images as input, identifies the "Group 4 Fax" comressed TIFF images and converts them to uncompressed TIFF images using convert. Finally it characterises the converted image. This version of the workflow replaces the web services of the original workflow with tool services.

Created: 2011-06-15 | Last updated: 2012-03-08

Credits: User Sven



Workflow TIF to JP2 file format migration with qual... (1)

This workflow reads a textfile containing absolute paths to TIF image files and converts them to JP2 image files using OpenJPEG (https://code.google.com/p/openjpeg). Based on the input text file, the workflow creates a Taverna list to be processed file by file. A temporary directory is created (createtmpdir) where the migrated image files and some temporary tool outputs are stored. Before starting the actual migration, it is checked if the TIF input images are valid file format instances u...

Created: 2014-05-07 | Last updated: 2014-05-07

Credits: User Sven

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